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Function Viewer Help

To view the plot for some function of x, enter it as an expression into the text field, then hit enter or press the Plot button. The curve corresponding to the function will be added to the plot and table below.

Many standard mathematical functions are supported. Specifically, the trigonometric and hyperbolic functions and their inverses (prefixed with an a, so asin(x) is inverse sine), as well as log(x) for the logarithm base 10, ln(x) for natural logarithm, abs(x) for |x |, pow(x, y) for x y, and exp(x) for ex. The operators +, − *, / and ^ represent addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and exponentiation.

The axes can be linear, in units of π, or logarithmic — as selected from the Plot type menu.

Clicking on a curve will add a glider that shows the coordinates of the corresponding point, and can be dragged along the curve to see how the coordinates change. Clicking on the background will hide the glider.

The plot can be scaled using the x and y scale sliders, and panned by dragging the background.

Use the buttons at the bottom to save a plot to a page of images that can then be printed or saved to disk.